The Clash "Lithograph" by Michael Putland

The Clash "Lithograph" by Michael Putland
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  • Manufacturer: Michael Putland
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The Clash "Lithograph"

by Michael Putland

A hand signed lithograph of The Clash. This one was taken during their first American tour, entitled "Pearl Harbor'79" in 1979. Michael remembers that the band was so broke that they all borrowed money from him to buy army boots at a local surplus store and then went directly to CBS (now Sony) to get some cash afterwords.

Each is printed on bright white, archival paper on a lithography press and have been hand signed and numbered by Photographer Michael Putland. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide

A classic, and famous, image of The Clash featuring Joe Strummer, Paul Simonon, Mick Jones and Topper Headon.

Overall size is 18" x 24"

What is a Lithograph?

A lithograph is a kind of print. Prints are made from an original piece of art by first making a negative of it. The negative is then made into a print plate. A print plate is made for each of the colors used in the design. The individual prints are then made by inking the plate and using a press to stamp them out. This process can be very complicated and expensive when it comes to making the types of art prints that we sell.

When the signature on the individual print is hand signed it means that the person actually signed the individual print.